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November 28th - December 3rd, 2022

1680 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach

We are delighted to announce Figuration through Abstraction, a group exhibition bringing together works by 20 artists. This show of wall-mounted works brings together a diverse contingent of contemporary artists. Each artist in the show negotiates the dichotomy between faithfully capturing their chosen subject and imbuing their respective hand in the process of creation. 


Brushwork, when taken at close proximity, can lend to a wholly varied form of representation than when observing the overarching composition. We see this particularly in the work of Deborah Brown, Philip Pearlstein, Kyle Staver, and Zio Ziegler. Less tangibly, the artists in Figuration through Abstraction tease out abstracted realities: forms take shape in worlds not quite our own, much like their Surrealist forebears. Here, we look to William Buchina, Sam Creasey, László von Dohnányi, Paulina Nolte, and Alejandro Piñeiro Bello. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Dan Attoe

Loriel Beltrán

Kate Bickmore

Deborah Brown

Glenn Brown

William Buchina

Sam Creasey

László von Dohnányi 

Vinicius Gerheim

Baris Gokturk

Jeffrey Meris

Paulina Nolte

Philip Pearlstein

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello 

Gonçalo Preto

Sam Stabler 

Kyle Staver 

Hank Willis Thomas

Maria VMier

Zio Ziegler 

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