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July 12th - August 11th, 2023

Monday - Thursday 10am- 6pm, Friday 10am-2pm

35 Lispenard Street, New York, NY 10013

Andrew Reed Gallery is pleased to announce In the Heat of the Night, a group show bringing together works by 22 artists. Andrew Reed Gallery is particularly excited to bring this exhibition to New York ahead of the gallery’s opening at its permanent space in Miami this fall. 


In the Heat of the Night sees a number of artists explicitly explore the nocturne, a scene situated at night. Meanwhile, other artists in the show portray a space untethered from a particular time of day. Certain compositions, such as the paintings of Patricia Geyerhahn, Julia Gould, Gonçalo Preto, Christopher Huff, and Camila Varón, portend a glow not steeped in our common conception of daylight. These sources of light function in effect as a thermal glow, lending to the theme of the show beyond its direct reference to summer in New York. Dennis Scholl and Scott Vander Veen, in their mixed media assemblage, speak to night through letters penned under candlelight by a Medici prince and a repurporsed slender mattress, respectively.


Exhibiting Artists:

Kate Bickmore

Deborah Brown

Sam Creasey

Rafael Domenech

Lászlo von Dohnányi

Aaron Feltman

Sam Finkelstein

Patricia Geyerhahn

Julia Gould

Matthew Hanzman

Christopher Huff

José Manuel Mesías

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello

Eli Ping

Gonçalo Preto

Hannah Rowan 

Dennis Scholl

Paula Turmina

Scott Vander Veen

Camila Varón

Tomas Vu

Matthew Weinstein

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